Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, and tell us about your cleaning needs. If a standard pressure washer won’t do, we’ll come up with the solution!

We have provided custom cleaning solutions for a number of farmers and other industries, where mobile cleaning is needed. Our most popular custom system is a PTO, or power take-off, which uses a tractor’s engine to power a pressure washer. The washer is mounted on a trailer with a water tank, providing mobility for farmers to clean hog or poultry farms. Our PTO systems have dual wands and guns, allowing two users to clean at the same time.

Another custom equipment solution is a custom car wash system for industries that have a fleet of vehicles. Our systems are efficient and also allow for multiple users to clean simultaneously. We’ll customize a solution that will easily meet your needs. Hotsy of Woodland also provides custom pressure washer trailer or truck-mounted systems ideal for contract cleaners. Each is equipped with a pressure washer, water tank and hose reels, providing everything you need for mobile cleaning.

Want a made-to-order pressure washing system? Then please make a request!