Hotsy of Woodland has a large selection of automatic parts washers for cleaning entire engines and large parts. We are an authorized Hotsy dealer for northeastern NC and southeastern VA.

These aqueous parts washers are a real time saver for companies with service technicians, who perform auto repair, transmission or hydraulic repair. Parts are loaded into the cabinet washer, which uses a water propelled spray bar to automatically clean often better than hand scrubbing. Plus, automatic parts washers are an economical way to clean, since workers can focus on other work while parts are being cleaned. This not only increases your revenues, but offers a safer alternative for your employees than using solvent tanks to clean parts. No harsh solvents are used, saving you the cost of disposal fees.

Front load and top load parts washers…

Hotsy automatic parts washers are available in compact top loading models to larger, front-loading washers capable of washing an entire transmission! Many electrical configurations are available from single to three phase, with a variety of accessories and features designed to make cleaning faster and more efficient. Hotsy offers specially formulated biodegradable detergents for use with aqueous parts washers. These are designed not only to clean parts quicker, but protect parts from corrosion.